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Created in 2005, KR Consulting is full-service fundraising, marketing and government relations consulting business that successfully integrates services in order to create the optimal results for its clients. By being a hybrid company that that combines these unique elements, KR Consulting provides our clients with a myriad of services as a one stop-shop. These services include:

Strategic Planning

What we know is change. The last 30 years has seen everything: The Coronavirus, Major Demographic change, The 2008 Depression, Red States and Blue States, The 9/11 attacks on America, and social, political, and technological disruption. The world is in flux and having a plan for your next steps is vital for survival. Whether you’re a large corporation trying to steer that corporate boat in the ocean of change or an elected official trying to fine tune your goals or a small non-profit trying to survive an economic downturn, we are equipped to guide you through the turbulent times as well as support you during the successful times.

Fundraising and Campaigns

When you look at your fundraising operation are you pleased with your results? With every economic crisis, are your positioned to raise money or is it feast or famine_…_or worse_…_fundraising anorexia due to poor staffing and performance? Can you keep your donors with a compelling action plan? Do you have all your fundraising services integrated, from special events, to annual giving to major gifts to planned giving? Do you have an all-income-plan? In many operations, money is being left on the table because your fundraising operation is not run like a business.  Is that you? Are your ready for a capital campaign? Does your executive director, headmaster, non-profit development director or board member and YOU know it has to be done, but you aren't sure where to turn? How to get started_…_and better yet, HOW to finish? We can help guide you through all these issues in a comprehensive way. We are ready to help. 


How is your marketing program? With the changing demographics is your message getting out? There are 80 million millennials in this country and 85 million Gen Z.  And lots of noise. Lots of confusion. Where and how they spend their money in the next 12 months, 5...or even 3 years is unknown and hard to predict. This gives you an incredible opportunity to look at your marketing and branding to capture that audience.  How best to get each generation engaged with your business and non-profit is what we do.  We keep up with the trends and craft a program to support your business or non-profit for maximum exposure.

Social Media/Media

Show me a TikTok video and I’ll show you a USA Today.  How do you navigate to get your brand out?  And does it work?  And how quickly one forgets? How do you get them remembering you?  Are the advertising numbers from Facebook or Google Ads true or does radio do the trick?  We take an integrated, wholistic approach, based on your budget and the environment.  What works in a rural setting may not fly in an urban setting.  We get it.  We are here to help navigate your brand and your plan to bring in business or raise money.


Navigating the legislation process can be challenging. In this relationship led environment, its what you know and who you know. As we have always told our clients, you must get in the door if you want to get something done. You need a strategy, and you must listen. The investment made today creates results for tomorrow.  We explore your goals and create strategies to make you successful. We have worked at all levels, from City Councils and Country Commissions, to the Governor’s Office to the Federal level. 15 years of experience with incredible results. Let us know how we can help or integrate an “All-Income” strategy with your fundraising operation or marketing operation. If you need help with a bill or researching an legislative issue, we can do that too. We are here to make it happen.

Political Fundraising

Do you want to run for office or figure out a better way to raise money as an elected official? We have worked with over 20 clients with the same goals. With a quality data-base we can accomplish your fund raising goals for a campaign or political action committee (PAC). We find that most politicians are not as in tune as they need to be with potential donors—businesses, party members, associations, and constituents. We work with you in reaching out, building those relationships, and creating opportunities.

Meeting Facilitation

Meeting with your Board of Directors or Association on a big issue?  Trying to get an organization up and running? Because of our knowledge base in many areas including non-profits, business, healthcare, higher education, tourism, homeland security, law enforcement and many other areas, we can support your efforts through facilitation of your meeting or retreat.  We are bottom line driven and keep you focused with results. 

Website / Marketing Materials

We partner with Firehouse Design Studio, an award-winning boutique marketing and design company located in Jefferson City, Missouri.  You need it, we can get it done. Branding, content support, brochures, folders-we are here to help.  Website design?  We work with Renaizzance Media to build and support your website and social media goals-everything you need for your business, government agency, non-profit or political interests. 

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